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General Customs clearance
Fresh produce and foodstuffs clearance
UK Transport for containers (20 and 40 foot)
UK Transport for palletised cargo
UK Transport for small consignments
Ships agency and attendance
Fresh produce quality checks
Vehicle imports for trade importers
Vehicle imports for personal importers

General Customs clearance
We carry out clearance on many varied products which fall into this category of service and this represents the majority of our business. It is necessary for us to understand many differing types of business in order to help our customers and this is where we exceed. Customs clearance is simple yet at the same time a service which takes years to understand and transform it into a professional service. On average we handle around 3000 Customs entries on a monthly basis and account for in excess of £10 million on a monthly basis in VAT and Duty payments alone. Such extravagant figures demonstrate the level of accuracy at which we operate on a daily basis with limited allowance for error.

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Fresh produce and foodstuffs clearance
Fresh produce is a speciality business and one which we are proud to be a leader in. One of our most famous traits is our involvement in the fresh produce business, i.e. fruit and vegetables. Due to our location in Sheerness which is one of the largest fresh produce ports in the UK we are able to control the import of fruit and vegetables through the port however we handle vast amounts of perishable cargoes at container ports outside of Sheerness. Fresh fruit and vegetables and their complex documentation and varying duty rulings are a test to the most experienced in the perishable forwarding community, due to our years of experience we are able to offer advice and information to assist both importers and forwarders alike, if in doubt ask.

Recently Defra have introduced a system known simply as ‘PEACH’. This system is in place to enable perishable importers and agents to notify Defra of impending arrivals into the UK which may be liable to inspection.
A risk based assessment is carried out by their database and after your information has been run through the system you will either be issued a ‘certificate of conformity’ or your cargo will be flagged for inspection.
Registration is require for use of the system, to find out more please visit www.peach.defra.gov.uk

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UK transport for containers. (FCL)
We have a wide range of haulage services at our disposal based in most of the UK’s major ports, commitment to service, punctuality and knowledge of UK road haulage are our strong points in this field and we only use approved carriers.
Whether you have a 20’, 40’ or specialised container you have to deliver, we are a strong position to get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss.
By using Kleerfreight for your transportation (or merchant haulage as it is known) you may be liable to a small charge from the shipping line called Lo-Lo (lift on-lift off) which is currently in the region of £60.00 dependant on the shipping line and port in question, this is payable to the shipping line directly and will not be including in our price.
Sometimes this Lo-Lo charge can make the movement more expensive than shipping line haulage so please bear this is mind when requesting a quotation.
To use our delivery service you will need to get your consignment released to our company for collection, this is usually done once the shipping line are in receipt of any monies due from you and the original bill of lading being lodged, you must request this release to us, it is not an automatic procedure. Once we have this in place, we can take over and carry out the delivery.

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UK Transport for palletised goods. (Breakbulk)
We have tariffs for part load deliveries in the UK predominantly based on pallet sizes, be it an overnight, same day or economy service you require, we can help you choose the right service.
This type of pallet delivery service is becoming increasingly popular in the UK with more and more companies becoming a local arm for larger networks, this enables us to call on many different suppliers to find the right service and price for your job. Not only do we transport on a pallet basis but we also handle boxes, cartons and out of gauge shipments.

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UK transport for small consignments. (LCL)
For each port we have a nominated haulier to handle our LCL deliveries.
These hauliers are chosen for reliability, punctuality and cost.
Hazardous cargoes and textiles usually attract an extra surcharge, please ensure you advise us when booking your delivery of any special requirements you may have.
The most important thing to note is that you will have to get your consignment released to our order at the point of devanning, usually this is done by quoting a three digit code which identifies our company at that location, without this release in place it is possible that you will incur extra charges by way of storage and wasted delivery charges so ensure that you are clear in your instructions, if in doubt, you should ask one of team at the time of booking.
You will not get release of cargo form the freight agent until all charges due are settled and the original bill of lading is lodged.
Individual spot quotations and tariffs are available on request, please contact our team for further information.

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Ships agency and attendance.
Another service available to our customers, be it full ships agency or attendance for vessel and cargo discharge, insurance claims and physical cargo examinations.
As this service can vary from one job to the next, please contact us with your enquiries [email protected]

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Fresh produce quality inspections.
With vast knowledge within the perishables industry we are able to offer not just advice on importations but specialist services quayside too.
Checking produce and liasing with government departments is an everyday occurance for our highly trained staff.
No matter how large or small your consignment we can take care of any request prior to your cargo being delivered to the coldstore or supermarket.

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Vehicle Imports For Trade Importers – Special Services
Having been involved in this operation ourselves as a company, we know how important it is to get your vehicles customs cleared and moved ready for sale as soon as physically possible.
We also understand that costs need to be kept to a minimum in order to make your profit.

Kleerfreight are able to offer very competitive rates for the motor trade in these circumstances.

To enable us to complete your customs declaration we will require the following information

  • Full company details (incl. VAT number)
  • Copy commercial invoice
  • Copy bill of lading

We can also arrange the payment of shipping charges on your behalf, lodge your bills of lading, arrange your transportation ( for one or multiple cars ), even advise on SVA and registration procedures.
For more information please contact us [email protected]

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Vehicle Imports For Private Individuals
There are a few different scenarios attached to the importation of vehicles for private individuals, some people move home, some just purchase a new car from overseas to save money.
Paperwork required for this depends on which category you fall into.

Transfer of residence/ moving home
Customs waive taxes on vehicles that are coming to the UK as part of an international transfer of residence, specific requirements have to be met in order for this waiver to apply.
You must have been living in the country from which the vehicle is leaving for more than 12 months and must have owned and used the vehicle for more than 6 of those 12 months.
Taxes must have been paid in the country of origin and not refunded in anyway on export.
The following paperwork will be required :-

  • Customs form C104a ( available from our customs forms section)
  • Proof of vehicle purchase ( i.e receipt/bill of sale)
  • Copy bill of lading
  • Full name and address of importer / owner.

If you are returning a british registered vehicle then you need to complete a C179b, A copy of the british log book may be required in addition to the above paperwork.

If you fall into the category of purchasing a vehicle abroad to save money and are not moving home then taxes are due to H.M.Customs & Excise, currently these taxes are set at 10% of the CIF (cost of vehicle/Insurance/Freight) value of the vehicle and then 17.5% VAT.
The following paperwork will be required :-

  • Customs form C 384 ( available from our customs form page)
  • Copy invoice/receipt
  • Copy bill of lading
  • Copy de-registration ( This sometimes comes in the form of police authorisation from some Arab countries)
  • Full name and address of the importer/owner
  • Psuedo turn number (if applicable see note below)

If the importation is a ‘one-off’ and you are not planning on importing another vehicle then you will not require a temporary VAT number, if there are more to come you will need to apply and gain a temporary number known as a ‘Psuedo turn’ , the telephone number for application can be found on our links and useful numbers page.
This number allows Customs to keep track of all importations made by non VAT registered traders.

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